10 tammikuuta, 2012

Tähdet kertovat, planeetat paljastaa ja avaruus, ah... =)

Ajauduin äsken jollekin astrologin sivustolle ja tarkkojen aika/paikkamääreiden jälkeen sain oikein hehkuavaa raporttia itsestäni (tottakai ne on totta, m'oon hyvä ja kaunis=). Harmi vaan se lopun lässähdys kun oli jotta tulevaisuuta varten tarvitaan pelimerkkejä jotta noitatohtori voisi varsinaisesti mua jeesata;DDDDD

Tässä raportti, käyttäkää käännöskoneita jos ette ymmärrä enklanniksi kui hiano ihmine mä oon!!!!!

DOB: 1/13/1968 11:55:00 AM
Ascendant: Gemini
Sun sign: Capricorn
Moon sign: Gemini
Mars sign: Pisces
Mercury sign: Aquarius
Venus sign: Sagittarius

How others see you, Your Ascendant

The most sought-after social butterfly, you dazzle others with your quick wit and incredible insight.
 You are never at a loss for words.

No one has to remind you to mingle-your avid curiosity and plethora of ideas keep you moving.
 Your knowledge of so many subjects and the ease with which you express yourself never cease to amaze.
 And your razor-sharp wit never ceases to entertain.

In relationships you're never boring, though you do need your space. You're as adaptable as a chameleon
and can fit in anywhere you choose. You even look different to different people!

Inquiring minds may want to know, but those with a Gemini Ascendant do know.

Your Ego - Your Sun Sign

Fearless by nature, you sometimes tackle a daunting job just to prove to yourself that you can conquer it.

With your Capricorn Sun you never ignore the elephant in the room and never hesitate to point it out to others.
 You know the quicker you tackle a problem, the quicker you can solve it.

Strong and always in control, you can appear hard and cold to someone who doesn't know you,
 but those close to you know you're a passionate partner and a loyal friend.

Though you have your brilliant dreams and first-rate theories, the pragmatist in you says the test of the pudding is in the eating. And then you get to work and bring those dreams and theories into being.

Your Personality - Your Moon Sign

So much to learn, so much to share! Knowledge is power and nobody works this better than you,
 for you are the intellect of the Zodiac.

Witty and charming, you come alive in social situations or anytime you get the opportunity for conversation.
 And you'll have lots of opportunities because other people delight in your lively mind and keen wit.

You constantly amaze people with your knowledge of such a wide range of subjects.
 When you're not teaching and entertaining others with all that you've learned, you're busy
 learning more.

Your Gemini Moon makes it likely you'll go through many changes in your life,
 and while for some this would be stressful, change makes you feel alive!

Your Intellect and Communication Style - Mercury

Ideas come to you more quickly than you can catch them, much less act on them.

Inventive and ahead of your time, your Mercury in Aquarius makes you somewhat controversial:
 you shake things up, rebel against the establishment. But you're a rebel with a cause.
 A humanitarian through and through, you help those who but for you might not have a voice.

Your strong intuition makes you an excellent judge of character, and you don't judge others
 by what position they hold but by what they're like on the inside.

Interesting, witty, insightful, you'll make an excellent public speaker or leader,
 inspiring others to take up your righteous cause.

Your Relationships, Beauty, and Creativity - Venus

For you love is an adventure. But the sage in Sagittarius knows that love is just one of life's adventures.

It is one you want to have, but not with just anyone. You have important questions
 to ask any potential partner, such as,
"Do you like to travel?"
 "How soon can you be packed?"

Your undying optimism and fun personality attract many would-be partners.
 Many are called, but few are chosen.

The way to your heart is through your higher mind. And those who want a lasting partnership
 should remember that to you, variety is more than the spice of life--it's the whole meal.

Your Passion, Drive, and Pursuits - Mars

Nobody dreams better than you! You intuit your way through this world and look inward for guidance.

Your rich imagination and extraordinary creativity may pull you toward the arts. With your extraordinary
 sensitivity and intuition you may even become a psychic. Whatever it is, you'll know it when you see it.

You seek a spiritual connection with a mate, and you may actually fall in love with someone's ideals.

Lovely and sublime, compassionate and tender, you may find many who want to be near you.
 But see with your own soul--not with another's needs or ulterior motives--and when a soul mate comes along, you'll know it when you see it.

On se vaan mukavaa kun kehutaan,


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  1. Siinä oli 10 hyvää ja 9 kaunista! Mä sain kerran mua varten teetetyn luonneanalyysin...jestas, en voinut punastumatta lukea, oikein pelästyin, kun kirjoittaja (S Tan-hua) oli löytänyt kaiken oleellisen luonteestani. Kamalaa, senkin voisi sanoa. Sulla oli yks merkki kaloissa...just, mä oon pisces (3.3). Onneksi olkoon muuten synttäristäsi, kaurissusi!! Vai on legopalikat suussa, pidä niitä nyt vaan, kyllä suu niihin tottuu!! Kaikkeen tottuu, sano pässi, ku päätä leikattiin. Onko sulla vhs:ää...mulla olis yks wallanderi, mutta vhs:nä.

  2. Vilukissi - Kiitos onnitteluista. Ei ole vhs, miltä vuosisadalta sä oot?? ;DDDD Mä oon muuten kiinalaisessa vuohi eli olen siis kaurissusivuohi;DD jo on elukoita tuppaantunut yhteen äijään...


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